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Duke Walk Cycle

Here it is!

There is still a couple things I would like to touch up, but here it is. I struggled with a couple things, so I hope I can fix those soon.

Overall I really enjoyed this assignment & I can't wait for the next one!

StephMoore Duke QuadWalk from stephanie Moore on Vimeo.

Practicing with Duke

Meet Duke, Duke is not my rig. For our second 3D animation assignment we have to do a quadrupede walk using Duke.

Here is my - very first in-class - practice walk cycle. I am currently working on (hopefully) a much better one that I will be handing in for marking. I will have it up as soon as I'm done. This video of my practice is just to get everyone on here interested... I hope.

Duke PracticeWalk from stephanie Moore on Vimeo.

3D Mery Walk Cycle

This year I have a 3D animation class & I am loving every minute of it. I honestly can't pick a favorite between 3D or 2D because I love them both for different reasons. In our 2D animation class this year I am allowed to explore and challenge myself by doing my assignments in 3D animation. Which I think is awesome because I am loving 3D animation!

This is my 3D animation walk cycle assignment. I had a little bit - a lot - of trouble with her elbows/forearms, but I walked away from it and just came back and fixed it this morning. Honestly I don't know how I found it so difficult, I think I must have worked on it for to long or something and got to frustrated. All I needed was to walk away and I end up with this!

Mery HappyWalk from stephanie Moore on Vimeo.

By Your Side Dog Training

Hey guys, Over the summer I was asked by a co-worker to design a logo for her dog training company.
I learned a lot in doing this for her & I enjoyed every minute of it.  If anyone is interested in dog training Tina is the best!!!  (I will have the link to her site posted on her ASAP)

Below here are different versions I designed along with our final product. Hope you enjoy!

 Final logo design: